Friday, December 9, 2011

UI4 - Watch the Quick Tour movie again

Today's Helpful Hint

UI4 - Watch the Quick Tour movie again!

If you have been using UI4 for three or four weeks, we recommend that you watch the Quick Tour movie again.

After logging in to UI4, click on "Help" and select "Quick Tour". It is a 7-minute video. You will be amazed at the new information you will pick up the second time through.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 12 - everyone moves to UI4

Are You Using UI4? 
UI4 required beginning December 12
Beginning Monday, December 12th, you must access Datatel/Colleague through browser-based U I 4 at

If you ha
ven't made the switch to UI4 yet, we recommend that you give it a try today!  If you need help, contact, or call us at X4375.

Friday, November 4, 2011

U.I.4 - How to Close Context Cards Automatically

The header block in U.I. 4 is called the "context card".  It looks like this:

If you find that context cards are stacking up, or feel that you have to close context cards too much, there is a solution!

Just below the left side of the context card, there is a button, that probably says "Keep Context Open." Click on the down arrow, and select "Auto-Close Context" if you would like the context card to close when you leave a form.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Private Colleague Reports

When you send to HOLD, choose PRIVATE

Sending a Colleague report to Hold/Browse File Output instead of Printer
places a copy of your report in a location in Colleague known as "the HOLD file". If you wish your report to be private, and not accessible to others, choose "Private" instead of "Public" under Security. See the screen shot below.

Also, you can name your report file by typing in a name in the Banner field. No spaces please - use underscores, hyphens or dots to separate text.

Administrative Information Security

Who decides who gets to see what?
Colleague software manages data for student records, financials and human resources. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, access is controlled by the departments responsible for specifsecurity iconic data.

When a supervisor requests access to Colleague information for an employee, AIS forwards that request to the appropriate department asks for approval for access to the data. For information about who the data 'owners' are, go to the AIS website, and select "Colleague Information"

Informer Web Reporting

The same SMC policy that applies to Colleague also applies to Informer. AIS will check with the module supervisors for approval as needed to determine if an individual may have access to reporting, and what they will be permitted to see.